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Hi Simone,

We’re working on updating our reference guide as it’s a little out dated. We’ve simplified the Calendar so that we no longer have shared calendars. But you can still sync your X2 calendar with a Google Calendar. Keep in mind this is a one way sync, pushing your X2 calendar to Google Calendar.

Here are instructions on how to integrate with Google Calendar:

1) First, you will need to enable Google Integration for X2CRM. In order to do this you will need a Google API Project which you can get by going to:


If you don’t already have a Google API Project:

a) Click on “Create Project”

b) In the left navigation bar select “Services” find “Calendar API”, and make sure it’s set to”ON”

c) Now, in the left navigation bar go to “API Access”. Click on”Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID”

d) Under Product Name enter “X2CRM”, or if you’d prefer, your company’s name. The other fields are optional.

e) Click Next. Under “Application Type’ make sure”Web Application” is selected. Under “Your site or hostname” enter the url where you have X2CRM installed. Make sure “https://” or “http://” is selected depending on what your url uses.

f) Click “Create Client ID”

g) Under “Client ID for web applications”, click “Edit settings…” And add the following lines to “Authorized Redirect URIs”, replacing “YourX2CRM.com” with the url where you have X2CRM installed:



h) Click “Update”

Now, under “Client ID for web applications” you will have Client ID and Client Secret, and under “Simple API Access” you will have API Key. You will need these values in the following step.

2) Login to X2CRM as admin. In the Admin settings there is a section called Google Integration that lets you enter your Google Client ID, Google Client Secret, and Google API Key. Remember to check “Activate Google Integration” then click “Save”.

3) Now that Google Integration is set up, any of your users can go to the calendar in X2CRM and click on Sync My Actions With Google Calendar in the left navigation bar. From there they will be able to choose which one of there Google Calendars they want to sync there X2 calendar with.

Let me know if you run into any problems.



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X2 Community – X2CRM on Godaddy hosting

Solved  for Godaddy 1.First need to create a dir call it  php_sessions and add .htaccess file with a entry  deny from all This file should be in the php_sessions dir 2 create another .htaccess file with entry RewriteBase / this file should be in the root dir 3. Create a PHP.in file in the root dir  should contain session.save_path = “/home/content/bla/bla/php_sessions” 4.Create a PHP5.in file in the root dir  should contain session.save_path = “/home/content/bla/bla/php_sessions” Path can be found from Absolute Hosting Path which is located at main hosting details page. This method worked for me. Thanks Jake for your input, It help me find the solution.

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linux – Lynx: how to use -auth flag when username contains domain? – Stack Overflow

Lynx: how to use -auth flag when username contains domain?

I have a problem with Lynx. I’m trying to log in on a web page using the -auth flag. The line I use is

lynx -accept_all_cookies -auth=mydomain\myuser:mypass http://ultracooldomain.com/default.aspx

This does not seem to work. What am I doing wrong (if I login with the same user/pass combination in lynx it works)?

Thanks Nocklas



Solved it using -auth=mydomain\\myuser:mypass

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